80’S Glam| 80’s Fashion Will Never Fade

I have spent the last decade cringing over my past fashion faux pas. But am here falling for styles that I swore I would never try. I think you will all agree with me that the 80’s fashion was so vibrant, so fun, almost as If every day was a costume party.

I am exuding excitement at the thought that the thought of the 80,s fashion coming back into style! Today’s fashion is a quick fix: simply, quick and easy but as a girl I spend hours on my look.

The 80’s fashion had heavy emphasis on expensive dressing and fashion accessories. Let’s look at my personal favorites.

1. Hoop Earrings

2. Big Hair Bands- poison, warrant, skid row, kiss, Metallica, Aerosmith.

3. Jelly bracelet and jelly shoes

4. Ripped jeans-ones that look like a raccoon has nested in it.

5. Bright pumps

6. Shoulder pads

7. Head to toe denim

The boyfriend blazer continues to be a wardrobe staple and a simple way to look chic. Another continuing trend is tunics over leggings, skinny pants or shorts. Solids are no longer a requirement for bottoms.

We can now confirm that the rumors are all true the 80’s fashion is back.  Not content to just swath ourselves in neon bright colors. I think lots of leather, gold-capped and plated everything and a whole lot of black to get into the oldie- but goodie trend.

From Me to You:

Think black leather leggings with tailored white shirt. Add a simple black jacket or sweater over top and play it up with rocking accessories like strands of pearls mixed with gold chains.


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