it is possible to look fab with the right accessories
it is possible to look fab with the right accessories
this is how much fun you can have with a pencil skirt
this is how much fun you can have with a pencil skirt

Admit it! we all want Want to instantly whittle your waist, enhance curves, appear slimmer, and look chic no matter the occasion? Simple: stock up on the coveted pencil skirt.
pencil skirts are longer your grandmother’s go-to ensemble, this timeless wardrobe must-have has been boosting the confidence of women everywhere for decades and it’s now hotter than ever, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Christina Hendricks making it a red carpet staple.A pencil skirt is quite versatile – and with the right accessories and styling, you can easily transform it from a plain librarian look into something more chic and fun.

with a tee you can look more chic and fun
with a tee you can look more chic and fun

What I really love about this type of skirt is that it’s flexible enough to team up with most types of tops and shoes. Especially a simple black pencil skirt which can be worn as a part of a conservative office work outfit or for parties – or with your casual denim shirt.
Celebrity stylist Ali Levine emphasizes that a pencil skirt can be worn with a variety of blouses, blazers, and accessories, meaning you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. However, if you’re looking to create a slimming effect, make sure you keep one important tip in mind. “If you’re more curvy, opt for a top with ruffles or a deep V-neck to give you the appearance of being slimmer,” says Levine. “Colour blocking is also a fun way to express yourself with pencil skirts.” If you prefer to colour block, make sure the darker shade is applied on the areas of your body you’re looking to conceal.

colour block but don't look too busy
colour block but don’t look too busy
from official to casual
from official to casual

Yearning for a highly coveted hourglass figure without squeezing into a pair (or two) of Spanx? Make belts and one other popular fashion trend your friends. Create an hourglass look with a belt that’s darker than the top and skirt,You can also try it with a peplum top. Opt for darker colours and, if you’re experimental, vertical prints if you’re bottom heavy.

kim made it easier to achieve that hour glass look
kim made it easier to achieve that hour glass look

like I said in my previous blog you cannot afford to miss a denim chiffon in your closet.With today’s trends leaning towards easy, relaxed dressing and unique combinations of dressy with casual are not uncommon. so it would be wise for you to breathy life into your closet and get a denim on denim look. for instance lets look at Beyonce and Kim Kardashian The two megastars both recently stepped out wearing the same light-blue Frame Denim pencil skirt and even styled the piece in similar ways. Proving that great fashion minds think alike, the Flawless singer and the reality queen each topped off the distressed design with even more denim, then added powder-beige shoes and oversized shades to complete their looks.

You can dress it up for work or parties, or dress it down for casual everyday wear. Just put on your sophisticated dress shirt at daytime and take it off and put on a slouchy tee and you’re good to go to the movies later that evening! You can also wear it with a basic tank top and a long cardigan for a cool and casual look and look effortlessly stylish

Your pencil skirt should always look smooth, especially when standing up straight,If you have bumps or rolls, the skirt is too tight. Go up a size. It will make sitting at your desk, as well as getting in and out of a vehicle a much more pleasant experience

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Make sure it fits you well
Make sure it fits you well

Have a last-minute evening affair to attend? Add instant glamour to your pencil skirt with sparkling jewellery and pumps to elongate your figure. And if you aren’t a fan of heels, simply throw a pair of matching ballet flats into your bag for quick access to comfort once you’re done for the night.

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I consider pencil skirt one of the best essentials a girl can have in her wardrobe you can wear aa pencil skirt however you want. you can have fun with it just like in the 80’s.

thank me later
thank me later

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