so much to choose in terms of styles
so much to choose in terms of styles

Hi dolls. I am Sorry for the silence I believe you are all doing well.
so today lets talk about how chick you look when you rock a denim chiffon, it doesn’t matter if it is a shirt, dress, skirt, or pants. Just how comfy and fab do you look/feel?

is this not comfy and elegant?
is this not comfy and elegant?

Actually, this mix (chiffon denim) can look extremely fresh, it makes you elevate your look from ordinary to street-style ready in no time. Street style pros know that anything goes when it comes to melding motifs, but beginners should not over do it because you might end up looking too busy.

floral denim chiffon is always a win when you are trying to look/feel more chic
floral denim chiffon is always a win when you are trying to look/feel more chic

The hot season gets unbearable sometimes; chiffon clothes make it easier for the ladies to get by. Chiffon is very light, almost feather like.Chiffon can either make you look sexy and curvy or really bad, depending on how you dress yourself and your body type. Normally, small and slender people are the ones who wear the completely see through ones, they show the outline of your body really nicely.
Denim is a sure way to complete an outfit. It gives it the uhmph! U can have anything of denim material from trousers, skirts, dresses, watches, hats, bags, even tables! Yes you can custom make a denim table.
chiffon blouses can be printed or a solid colour and can be opaque or solid.
However, chiffon Denim is always an elegant and fashionable style especially if you blouse to pair with jeans. Chiffon is most suited to summer looks because the material is very light. Most women wear chiffon blouses loose over their jeans. For women who want to accentuate their waistline, pairing an opaque chiffon blouse with a beige or white T-shirt shows off the figure while remaining modest and perfect for wearing with jeans.


My opinion is that every woman should have denim and chiffon in her closet I find it easy to pull that look especially when going for an outdoor event or when going to the beach a denim short and a blouse or a Denim chiffon dress would do you good

did you know that this look can also be awesome for a wedding or a casual party especially if you are in no mood to look busy in an outfit try out a maxi chiffon skirt with a denim jacket/shirt?

 this is the easiest look to pull
this is the easiest look to pull

images (2)


And my tip to you is Wear a chiffon blouse with So Fabulous! shorts, Shoe Box sandals and a pair of oversized sunglasses for a sweet and chic daytime outfit thank me later.


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  1. mkwash says:

    Very good. Now I know what to get my girlfriend as a birthday present.

    1. anjeoc says:

      Awww thanks i’ll keep you updated

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