‘A Mans World For Women’s wear’


Hi Lovies!!! 2 years later I’m back!!! I still can’t believe we are in mid-2017…  Now now, I’ve always been obsessed  with  ‘A Man’s world for Womenswear’ I don’t know why but 2 years later I have observed that lots of fashion garments have been borrowed  from the men’s wardrobe.


Let’s start with the ‘button-down shirt’ Yes I love it (although I only have 2 of them, which I’m tempted to wear like every day) well, there is nothing better than a button-up shirt but this year it’s all about remixing the classics. Why not dare to stand out and try a new shape or neckline for a look that’s really fresh and different (www.today.com)


The preppy button-up makes dressy items more casual, makes casual items dressier and provide a light polished layer of your casual summertime get ups (www.refinery29.com)

“You know that slouchy shirt that’s been sat at the back of your wardrobe for a few seasons? Whack it out girl: it’s about to make a comeback for 2017! Take your oversized shirt and button it down to about your bra (yes really!) Then, pull it down over your shoulders and boom: an off-shoulder shirt that is oh-so-2017. This little trick can make the hem of the shirt a bit uneven, so be sure to tuck it into a pair of trusty denims to stop you from looking like a hobo. “(The Daily Luxe)

WAIT! There is more FAM!!  (My favorite part lol I am definitely going to try this, I have to) Styling a buttoned shirt may seem easy, except for when you start thinking about wearing said shirt backwards. It’s certainly unconventional, but the effect of a button-up worn backwards is indisputably cool, too. So, keep on reading for the stylish tricks to make the unconventional trend work for your street looks.  (glamradar.com)


o avoid to look wearing your shirt wrongly, you must make your statement look intentional and bold. Wearing necklaces and body chains backwards can make your style transformative and fashion-forward. Just go for dainty necklace if you’re a classy woman or go colorful in bib necklaces if you’re woman with a romantic fashion personality. (glam radar)

But trust me Pinterest never disappoints you can get more ideas there like this.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Love Anjeo



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    1. anjeoc says:

      thank you so much…. LOVE

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    Wow this is lovely babe😘

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      thank you so much babe

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    Nice work of art.

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      Thank you ❤️

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